2014 was a year of awakening. An awakening inside of me that fueled passion and great desire for more of my God. More love, more beauty, more Jesus in every moment of every day.

Yet, life is still more complicated and more busy.  Marriage is hard, decisions are heavy, relationships are hard, raising and parenting kids is hard…walking out all that He has called me to is hard.

But I have done my best. I have failed many times, yet I have kept working out my salvation. I have succeeded and given glory to God. I have waited on Him without any answer. I have searched and found. I have searched and continue to search. I’ve been brought to my knees over and over again, desperate and unsure if I can really do any of this life well. I have had my head lifted by God and my soul has been lifted up as well.

Another year gone. A year of surrender and grace.

Another year gone. Another indication that time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Another year gone. Another reminder that we are just dust, our time on this earth is vapor and we have to make the time worth something.

No matter what your 2014 has held, I pray that in 2015 God will show up in your life like  never before. That He will fill you with passion and will awaken your soul to all He has waiting for you.

A lot of times we have great expectations for a new year. We make resolutions and have dreams and desires for all that this year will bring. We make plans and have high expectations for the dawn of the new. But before you jump into the new, take a little bit and reflect on the old year. In order to bring in the new year well, you have to look back to the year that was and all it held in its arms of time.

I challenge you to do 3 things before this new year of 2015.

1. Reflect on the past year. Where were you spiritually, physically and emotionally and reflect on how far you have come or perhaps even fallen behind. See all that God has brought you through and give God the glory.

2. Thank Him for the year that was. Thank Him for the good and the bad, the beautiful and the crazy. The hard and the hurt and the sweet and the fun. Praise Him. Take time out and praise Him. Plan one day before the 1st and praise Him throughout the day. Gather your children around you and praise Him.

3. Before you make any goals or list out your dreams and hearts desires, pray. Pray for your heart and soul to be in tune to the spirit as you lay out your plans and remember that no matter what plans you may have, His plans will always prevail and they are good and better than any goals or lists can ever encompass.

So dear friends, thank you for coming alongside me this past year. For reading, for commenting and sharing. I pray that this new year is filled with God’s beautiful plans and that you will seek him and find him amidst the craziness of life.

You are His Beloved,

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