I am a novice at many things.

Cooking – people laugh at me because I follow recipes exactly as they are printed. If it says 1 cup I put in the cup of flour, sugar, water, etc and I scrap the top off for exact measurements. The only part I don’t follow is the time element and that’s because I am so usually exhausted by the whole process all I want to do is put the food in the oven and then I walk away and later smell something burning…a novice.

Cleaning – I really just don’t like to clean and I don’t consider myself a professional so…novice.

I am definitely a novice as a seamstress.

I enjoy sewing.

I pretend to sew.

I’m not great. In fact, I really don’t know what I’m doing. But, if I see something I like, I will take out my sewing machine and attempt to do it myself.

I’m pretty good at curtains. A pro a pillows and yeah, that’s about it.

My goal is to do easy clothes, like skirts and maybe kid clothes, all for the hope of saving some money.

So…all that said…I had previously decided that this time around when it comes to babyhood, I was going to make the bedding. I had wanted to with my son, but I had barely touched my sewing machine at the time, though I did make his curtains.

So I was googling around and I found my dream nursery (for a girl- because let’s face it, if it’s a boy my options are limited).

OMG is that not the most BEAUTIFUL room EVER! LOVE it, LOVE it!

And after I saw it and fell in Crazy love…I saw 3 numbers under it.


Hold on…I think my husband is hyperventilating downstairs.

He’s ok…he says for some strange reason his chest all of a sudden tightened up on him. Hmm…I wonder why?

So…goal – Sew this beautiful bedding. I need to practice. I can do it. How hard can it be. Right?

Paying $600 for baby bedding? Yeah, definitely is not gonna work for hubby.

Sewing baby bedding? Most definitely works for me!

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