“Do not be in dread or afraid of them. The Lord your God who goes before you will himself fight for you…” Deuteronomy 1:29-30.

This is one of my favorite verses. This is one of my go to verses. The image, the peace that my God, the creator of all the universe is not just going before me…but HE is fighting for me.

For me…

I remember I first came across this verse a few years ago. My husband was struggling with his career. The future we planned as far as his career goals and desires were not playing out well. The Lord has always blessed him with great favor when it came to his work, but at this point in time we were uncertain if this was the path we were suppose to be on. Yet, at the same time, being in finance and banking was all he had ever done for over 11 years.

One day he came in very upset. He had been offered a position that required a relocation. He turned it down, knowing God had not called him to that place. A few months later he was offered another position. After much prayer and counsel, He believed God told him to turn that position down as well. He struggled with that decision but he knew he couldn’t accept.

To many looking in, I’m sure he looked rather foolish. It was an open door. He would be making twice as much money as he was now. It was the position that would lead to the top.

Yet, he believed the Lord had something more.

That evening he came home insecure and dejected.

One of the executives told him he was a fool for turning down the position and that he was stupid to think that another would come his way so easy.

Fear and doubt and insecurity set in.

BUT, he believed the Truth. He believed what the Lord had told him.

That night I remember reading this verse…”Do not be afraid, the Lord Himself who goes before you will fight for you…” and I knew God had a plan. I knew He was going before us and fighting for us. Fighting for our future, for my husbands career and ultimately for our family. We had no idea what God had planned, but we soon found out that as always, His plans were more than we could ever imagine.

The world may see you as foolish, but we must remember we are not of this world and we don’t follow the normal, and sometimes more obivous path. We follow the narrow path.  A path lit by a small lamp that is based on faith, not on sight.

Had my husband taken the position offered to Him our life would be very different. It may not have been a bad choice, but it wasn’t God’s best and because my husband chose to believe despite the fear and insecurity, we have been blessed over and over in ways we didn’t even know we needed.

The Lord is going before you. Wherever you are in this journey of life, the Lord is going before you and He is fighting for you.

You aren’t in this battle alone. The walls will not come down on their own. HE IS FIGHTING FOR YOU! He is ahead of you and all you have to do is shout for the victory is already yours!

He is fighting for your career. He is fighting for your children. He is fighting for you troubled teenager. He is fighting for your marriage. He is fighting for your health. He is fighting for your finances.

He goes before you and is fighting for you.

Forget what the world says. Forget all your battle plans and schemes…He is fighting for you. He commands you and leads you. Yes, you are on the front lines, but the greatest warrior is ahead of you and if you follow him, put aside your fears and doubts and follow him, the victory will be yours!

You will never know or understand all the great things the Lord has for you, unless you believe and follow Him.
You will never know the beauty of the promise land unless you believe.

He goes before you and is fighting for you…will you follow Him to all He has in store for you?


You are His Beloved,

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