I’ve been thinking about Numbers chapter 14 all day. Sort of playing it over in my mind like a broken record.

All I hear is the noise. The grumbling and complaining. The whining. The ungratefulness.

The Israelites are like little toddlers throwing a tantrum in the middle of a grocery store because they do not understand their mothers heart or intentions.

And I think, ultimately, the Israelites did not believe because they did not understand the Fathers heart.

So many of us are like the Israelites; like little toddlers. We doubt not because we don’t believe, we doubt because we simply do not understand.

We do not understand the Fathers love for us.
We do not understand His ways.
We do not understand His plans.

Our lack of understanding is what  sparks the fears and doubts that we many times fall into.

Many of us tend to feel guilty or faithless because so many times we see the promises of God and we doubt. We compare ourselves to the Israelites. We grumble and complain and then we feel ashamed and we think, “we of little faith!”


I am not an Israelite.

Yes I complain and grumble…I am a selfish, sinful person and I am constantly working out that part of myself. Of course I doubt at times. And yes, I fear some of the same stuff and I am trying daily to renew my mind.

Yet there is one thing that many of us do that is very different from the Israelites…

We Remember.

We may not understand God’s ways.
We may doubt.
We may even throw tantrums and complain, but then, in the quiet and the calm, peace sets in and the Fathers arms wrap around us because I choose to remember.

I remember when my God provided water in the desert.
I remember when my God provided the light that lit my path.
I rememer when he gave me victory over the enemy.

I am not an Israelite.

I may grumble. I may complain and make a lot of noise and I may doubt, but my greatest faith and belief lies in remembering who my God is.

You are His Beloved,

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