I am a list maker. I love lists. To do’s, To Be, To have. I find comfort in my lists. I find pride in crossing things off my lists.

For years at this time of year I always made lists. Lists for myself, my family, my life.
I dreamed dreams of great expectations for the year to come.
But the expectations were usually shattered by ‘unexpactions.’

The plans were brought to reality by unexpected sickness, unexpected job changes, unexpected parenting issues, unexpected reality.

Dreams colliding with unexpectaions many times produce devastation.

Last year at this time I had low expectations. I had few dreams. For the first time in years I didn’t make one list. I told my husband, I am not making resolutions because I probably won’t stick to them, so what’s the point?

What’s the point of dreaming, when you are just getting by?
What’s the point of planning when you can barely take the next step?
What’s the point of hoping when you are desperate?

And I was desperate. Desperate for something. Desperate for my life to be more. Desperate for daily living to be worth something. Desperate for a desire to not just get by, but to really live.

Little did I know that letting go of my lists and resolutions and plans was my first act of surrendering all I was holding on to.

In a matter of days, He would take all of my nothing and make it more than I ever imagined.

I’m not saying don’t make any plans or lists. It is a part of who we are to plan and to dream, but I challenge you to make your lists and dream your dreams, but before you start to plan, surrender. Give up all your plans…in fact, if you are up for it, make your list, but don’t plan. Don’t plan the how or the when.

The reality of this life is that it is filled with unexpectations.

Think about it.

How many times do you plan to get healthy and lose weight and start to exercise and you get a cold or sprain you’re ankle. And you miss a day, then another and then life gets crazy and the unexpectations foiled your plans.

Or maybe you plan to get up everyday and read your bible. And day one and done. Day 2 is good. Day 3, the baby gets sick and you are up all hours of the night and you need rest. Unexpectations.

What we must realize and remember is that God is the God of our unexpectations. Because all that you did not expect was no surprise to Him.  He brings glory in both the expected and the unexpected. He works through the expected and the unexpected.

So how do we push through those unexpectations?

  1. Expect them. We all know that life never works out how we plan. So plan for the unplanned.
  2. Find the beauty in all the unexpected. Seek God’s plans first, seek out what He is teaching you in the unexpected.
  3. Praise Him for the unexpectations, knowing that He is working for your good.
  4. Keep working and walking towards your goals and dreams no matter the unexpected, giving allowance for your goals and dreams to change according to His ultimate plans.
  5. Remember that the ultimate goal in this life is to bring Glory to God and if we live our life with Heaven as our focus, our plans and His plans will collide and bring about a life filled with passion and purpose.

I never expected God to take my nothing and make it something.
I never expected God to break me and use me the way He has.
I never expected my meek and insecure yes to bring about a harvest of glory
I never expected God to bring about such good things into my life.
I never expected God to fill me with passion and purpose.

When I let go of my plans, I allowed Him to take over. My plans and goals never encompassed His ways.

It was the greatest unexpectation.

And this year, I will make a short list of plans and goals and then I will hand them over to God and not think or worry about them, knowing that He will bring about all the desires of my heart, because His desires will encompass all of my desires and no matter my ideals, no matter how this year unfolds, no matter the unexpectations, I know that His thoughts and ways are higher than my ways and if I surrender this year to Him from day one…His plans will surpass all my little list could ever desire.

Make your goals friends and then take a small step of faith and give them up to Him. All you dream and plan and expect will never be quite as great and beautiful as the unexpectations He has planned.

You are His Beloved,

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