Yeah, so I have jumped on this wagon called IF: Local and I’m not sure where God is taking this, but boy, oh boy I don’t want the ride to end!

At the end of this crazy adventure I want to be able to look at a crowd of amazing, talented, purposed, passion and spirit filled women and say, ‘Whoa God, You did this. You made this. You took my little plan and THIS…”

But let me back up some. Last year, IF: Gathering in Austin happened. A dream that started in one woman’s mind’s eye and multiplied over time. One woman, plus so many others said yes and a sort of awakening occurred.

Last February I woke up. My eyes were opened and I believed God for all He is and was.

IF: Gathering was the kick start I needed to live out my passion and gifts for His glory.

I have come to love God’s plans.

Even though I don’t know what they all are or how they will all work out; over and over again they are better than my plans ever were.

One thing I have learned is this:

Looking ahead can be scary, looking in the now can be overwhelming, but looking back can be inspiring.

When you look back you see grace and mercy, you see the hand of God and his protection, His work and His faithfulness.

When I look back, I can see people and time and faith and prayers all collide to create a perfect, divine and inspired plan created by the greatest architect of all. The greatest story teller.

It is inspiring and breathtaking and so, so good.

I look back and see my plans overtaken by God’s perfect plans and it is amazing.

I had this plan to do my part for IF: Local. To host lovely ladies in my home, order in food and dive into the messages and conversations that would be presented and exchanged.

It was beautiful.

And then it got crazy – Because THAT’s my life! Beautiful Craziness at it’s best.

Because sometimes He takes the crazy and makes it beautiful.
And sometimes He takes the beautiful and makes it crazy, only to make it even more beautiful than before.

I invited friends on facebook to my sweetly planned, small gathering…a quick blurb of “let me know if you want to join me…”

And 15 people were interested.

“But God…I was thinking like 12.”
“My plan, not yours.”
“Ok great, 15-20 in my home…I can make that work.”
“My plan, not yours.”

“Um, ok…do I think bigger Lord? Because that is crazy…I’ve never planned anything like this…I’m not great at organizing stuff…I don’t know how to do this…I’m better at writing and teaching and speaking, but organizing and delegating, Lord, you know that’s outside of me…”
“My plan, not yours…”

So I started to dream a little. And I started to think…What IF?

What IF?

What IF I let go of whoever I think I am or am not and get over myself and let Him take whatever this is wherever He wants to?

What IF I get my IF: Table girls together and we share this think like crazy and it becomes bigger than what we first planned?

What IF we put ourselves out there and dream outside of what is comfortable and safe?

What IF God can make this more than what we first ever imagined?

IF God is Real…Then what?

IF God is real, He will take our sweet, small plan and do what He wants with it and move how He wants to and all we have to do is be an available vessel.

IF God is real, then He’ll move people to gather with us and run with us and all we have to do is be available.

IF God is real, then He is already working in us and through us and He is about to overwhelm us with His great plans.

So, we are inviting everyone we know. We are fired up and we desperately want our people, friends and family to be a part of what God is doing, because it is so, so good! We are trusting that those that need to be a part of our IF: Richmond/Katy gathering will be there.

IF you are reading this, I believe you will join us on February 6-7th. It’s not by accident that you are reading this! HE is the divine master planner of your life and you don’t want to miss out on this gathering of women.


And one more thing…IF God is Real, He will supply all our needs according to His riches and glory!

We have expenses. The plan, the dream, will cost us and we have become bold enough to wonder and ask and ultimately expect His provision. What IF God moved in others to donate so that all these women could come and be filled in body and soul and we had more than enough to host and give back to IF: Gathering in Austin…What IF?

IF God is real, He can do that.

IF God is real…

He can provide the funds we need for food and drinks and chocolate and coffee (because when you gather women together for two days, chocolate and coffee are essentials!)
IF God can part the Red Sea, He can supply water bottles.
IF God can send manna from heaven, He can send meals from local restaurants to sponsor us.
IF God can provide a Ram, He can provide the funds we need to make this event successful.
IF God is real, then we will step out in faith, believing that He has every detail figured out.

My little plan of 12 women has grown to about 50!  And we haven’t even opened registration!!

I have this group of women who are excited and expectant that God will move and do great things in our local people. Our desire is to gather these women and equip them in their passions and purposes and places.
IF: Gathering in Austin is doing that and we get to be a part of it in our place in Richmond/Katy, Texas.

We believe OUR time is NOW. God is stirring in our hearts and the women I speak with and share my heart with…THEY are HUNGRY! IF is a Kick start and Awakening  to something more than what we have ever imagined.

I know it. I’m living it.

I can’t wait to be able to look back and say, “Wow, God, wow. Look at all you have done!”

Will you be a part of that Wow?
Will you donate and help us bring this awakening to the amazing women in our churches, neighborhoods and communities?

IF you are local, will you join us?
Will you give?

Will you be the offering that provides for greater faith and purpose that will unleash a generation of women to live out their God inspired purposes?

IF God is Real, He will bring forth the harvest.

IF you are in the Richmond/Katy or Southwest Houston area Join us! Join our Facebook Group to get more info and be the first to hear about registration on January 1st.

IF you are not in our area but want to Join an IF: Local, head HERE to find one near you.

IF you would are joining us or would like to be a part of what God is doing by donating, click to Donate .

You are His Beloved,

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