This New Year I want to be different.

I don’t want to stay the same as I was. I don’t want to walk through 2016 dealing with the same selfish ambitions, the same sins, the same sorrows. I want to be overcome with grace and power and hope. I don’t want to live overwhelmed with life, but overwhelmed with God. I don’t want to be defined by the sameness of life, I want to be defined by my dependence on Him.

Reflecting on 2015 brings so many smiles and joys. God most definitely showed up in my life in 2015. I felt his hand on leading and guiding me as I became more. More bold, more strong, more hungry for Him. He provided, He healed, He delivered and He redeemed in 2015. We walked through sorrow and sin. We struggled and cried and hurt. Yet, God continued to embrace me. My insecurities, my insufficiencies and even the intolerable. He pushed me and filled me and picked me up every time I failed and fell on my face. He poured me out in so many ways and filled me over and over again to overflowing. That is what God does.

 In our everyday, daily living, he is constantly pouring out to fill again.

I encourage you to reflect on your life in 2015 and think of the moments where he continually poured you out. Emptied you.

Perhaps you were spent in the work He gave you.
Overtired by the newborn babe you cradled in your arms.
Overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of teenagers.
Perhaps you were poured out through the tears that spilled from your eyes over the hurt and fear that overwhelmed your life.
You were poured out only to be filled.

Dear one, He filled you every time. Each time tears poured from your eyes, He was filling you. Each time sorrow poured from your heart, He was there to fill you with love. Each time prayers poured from your lips, He filled  your heart and answered you.”

Reflect and think of those times where He was filling.

God many times quietly comes into our lives and pours into us the strength to keep going, the mercy that fills us with compassion, the courage that fills us with perseverance.

This year my hope is to get over myself and instead become consumed by God…overfull and overwhelmed by His good works. When I face all the things he has called me to, all the hopes and dreams and desires that He graces me with, it certainly overwhelms me when I face these things in and of myself, but when I seek him and lay my life down at his feet, dependent alone on His strength, His voice, His hand guiding me, then I can see all that He desires for 2016 and I can be overcome with joy and expectancy and rest.

I am thankful, fully knowing and trusting that whatever the days of 2016 bring, they will be filled with goodness and light. His goodness will overcome and all the burdens of this world He will make light.

Another year has come to a close and we say farewell to 2015 and gladly open the door to 2016. Let us walk full of grace in 2016 and embrace it gladly with hope and dreams of different and dependence.

You are His Beloved,

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