My blogging break has come to an end and I’m excited to be back!

I am refreshed and ready to put some words on the screen.

This break was a bit unexpected, but I am glad it worked out well. Honestly, during this summer I found myself sad and my spirit heavy. There was and still is so much going on in this world that is very troublesome. Wars are being fought on every corner of the globe both physically and spiritually. My last post was a cry of my heart and I simply said all I could. I had to just take time to sit and pray and be still. Writing about life, motherhood and living out your callings seemed small amidst the chaos of this world.

So I took a break. Cleared my head. Engaged in my other passions – Summertime and reading!

I captured the essences of those long, lazy summer days and read a lot. It was a great release of tension, a wonderful escape. Breaking away built up my courage and callings and I am refreshed and ready to fully engage once more!

Along with my relaxing and reading, I felt the Lord very quietly fill my spirit with a great desire to pray. To linger in his presence and press into him with prayer. Deep, heart wrenching prayers without ceasing.

Whispers of prayers have left my lips throughout the moments of the day. Prayers over my children, over my husband, my church, my pastors, my friends, my country, my world. I’ve prayed over facebook posts, cried out over newsfeeds, been pressed down and sifted in giving God all my worries and fears. I have prayed for peace.

And it has been good.

With that, I am excited to start off with a new series on prayer called ” Praying for Your People.” Prayer has the power to break, heal and mend. Prayer has the power to protect, the power to penetrate and the power to unleash.

The posts will share about the power of prayer, how and what to pray and the expectations we should have when we pray. I hope you will join me each Monday as we pray together for our people!

And so finally I leave you with my favorite reads of the summer!


My Reading List –

For the Love – Jen Hatmaker – An easy, hilarious and refreshing read that made me breathe a little easier and love myself and people more.

The Chronicles of Narnia – C.S Lewis  – I had only ever read one chronicle back in highschool and didn’t care for it then. But now, oh my word! The most beautiful allegory every written. I am reading it to my kids and they love it! A powerful glimpse of grace and of heaven and such a gift!

The Mystery of the Shemitah – Jonathan Cahn – Writer of the Harbinger,Messianic Rabbi Cahn’s newest book is amazing. I believe He is a prophet in these times and this revelation is astounding. I believe this fall will be full of prophetic signs and we must be prepared and watchful!

Lioness Arising – Lisa Bevere – I have no words for this book. It was powerful. Full of courage and boldness. By reading it I was fired up, strengthened, and desiring to have a bold, audacious faith. Read it. It will change your life.

A Voice in the Wind – Francine Rivers- One of my favorite writers and one of my favorite books. the first in a trilogy. This is a story of a girl, Hadassah, during the capture of Jerusalem by Rome. She is sold to a nobleman and  grows in her courage and faith as she lives out her life, impacting greatly the family she lives with because of her love and truth. No other work of fiction has ever impacted and spurred on my faith like this one!

You are His Beloved,

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