I am an advocate for putting baby on a schedule asap. Baby girl has been giving me some problems thus far.

First of all she sleeps ALL THE TIME. Except of course around 4 in teh morning when she decides she is going to be all bright eyed! But, we are working on that and I am trying to keep her up as much as possible. Today, for example, she was awake for almost 5 hours. Not bad…we’ll see how she fares tonight. The great thing is that she is rather easy going…I mean who isn’t when you sleep 20 hours per day. Tonight for example, she was pretty much asleep when I put her down. I went out to fill the humidifier, came back in and her eyes were wide open. She wasn’t crying or fussing she just laid there. I left her and she went to sleep. What a good girl!

SO…I am praying that this week we can get on a schedule and if I have to be mean I will be. By that I mean that if I have to wake her up each time by taking her clothes off and putting cold rags on her…I will.

The funny this is that my son doesn’t want her on a schedule. He is a demand feeder. Everytime she starts to fuss or cry he comes to me and says…”Mommy, she’s hungry. It’s time to eat.” And I say, ” no she just ate a little while ago.” “His reply, “I don’t think so mommy, she needs to eat.”

So we are of two different opinions in this home and I guess we will see who prevails!

“Father, I am so tired. I have forgotten how hard it is to get up every three hours. Help our rest be sweet and peaceful. Help me have wisdom as to know what to do. Help me love on my kids and give them what they need. In your precious name…”

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