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Hey Friends I am so excited to be giving away some amazing DoTerra Oils this week!

I started using DoTerra almost a year ago and they have certainly changed the way we deal with our health issues.

My friend Annie, has graciously sponsored this giveaway and one lucky winner will get the Introductory Kit, which includes three of my favorite oils, Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon.

One of the main reasons I love essential oils is because I am not going straight to my medicine cabinet anymore for the random headache or fever. I am first combating illness with oils instead of pills and I LOVE that! I am also making a lot of my own household cleaning products with these oils which has greatly reduced the amount of chemicals that we use around the house.

I could go on and on about why I love these oils. Peppermint is my go to for an afternoon pick me up. You know, around 2 o’clock, when your energy is waning and you get one more cup of coffee…I use a drop of Peppermint on my temples and the back of my neck and I am instantly rejuvenated. It also helps greatly with headaches and I simply love it!


My kids love oils too. They ask for the sleep oil or Lavender when they are having trouble falling asleep and boy does it work! One drop on their chest, wrists and a spray of it on their pillows and they are in dreamland. Plus, you can combine the Lavender with coconut oil and you have an amazing, all natural diaper rash cream that really works well. We also use lavender on mosquito bites and it almost instantly takes the itch away!


And as for Lemon, my favorite for cleaning agents. But, you want to know what I use lemon for most…Y’all know I Have issues with laundry, right. Ok, so on those days when I leave the wet clothes in the wash too long…I put a few drops of lemon on a washcloth and throw everything in the dryer along with the washcloth and done…the clothes smell fresh and clean as if they were never sitting too long at all!

I also add a drop to my water, which has amazing health benefits and it works wonders for bringing down a fever on a sick baby


These images only show some of the amazing uses for these three oils and once you are hooked like I am, you will be stocking your medicine cabinets with even more amazing oils! So go ahead and enter to win! I promise, they are worth all the hype! If you want to take a look at all the products and what DoTerra is all about, head over to Annie’s Website and read all about Essential oils. If you have any questions, you can also email Annie at anniekwest@gmail.com

You are His Beloved,

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