I am now entering my 11th week of preggoness and though the nausea and exhaustion has not necessarily subsided…I am wishing and hoping and planning that it will.

In fact, I had quite a bout yesterday, but I am taking good advice from a dear friend who puked every single day of both her pregnancies and right before delivery (not kidding. Complete truth.) And she told me on one very low day that I need to get up and say, “This is one day. If stuff doesn’t get done, well that’s ok. I take this one day at a time and do all that I can to fight it off and enjoy the life growing inside of me.”

So, that is what I have been trying to do. Sometimes with not much effort. Sometimes with little luck. Sometimes with tears. But I’m trying.

And in the meantime I have found certain things that have worked for me throughout this time. And here they are…

1. PBS and Disney Channel. God Bless the morning line ups.
2. Disney Movies. God Bless Mr. Walt Disney, may he rest in peace.
3. Oatmeal cookies. The frosted kind that has some ginger in it.
4. Peppermint. Be it in gum, hard candy or those soft marshmallow looking things.
5. Good friends that let me come over and lie on their couch while my kid is entertained by their kids.
6. Neighborhood pools. It ensures a really good nap.
7. Husbands that don’t complain too much about the house being a mess.
8. Husbands that don’t complain too much about dinner not being made in three, going on four weeks.
9. Husbands that go on a hunt for Subway because you are craving a Italian BMT.
10. Warm showers. Notice that they are now warm and not hot because mean husband yelled at me for taking a hot shower. I know it’s “not good for the baby” but I love hot showers, you know the ones where the steam is coming off you after you get out. But FINE, no more hot showers.

So, those have worked for me thus far. We’ll see what else gets added to the list as we continue. You know what would really work…for the yuckiness to END! To have that pretty preggo glow and not the yucky green!

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