I’m spending a beautiful weekend on a beach in Florida. It’s chilly, for a cold front just came into the sunshine state, but even still, nothing beats the beach.

I can hear the waves hit the shore and I see people waking on the sand. The water sparkles like chrystal and it’s blue waters goes beyond where the eye can see to the horizon.
I wonder, as I sit in the quiet of my room. My mind wanders and I wonder.

All perspective is in my heart and minds eye. The beauty of life is striking and in the calm of the sea I can survey my life, past, present and future and I can wonder and know and believe.
The Word teaches us the way we are to live, the truths we are to pursue, All we must stay away from and all we must seek and find.

In the quiet reflections of this moment, I want to live for the right now. The moments of daily life; yes, even the monotonous and mundane, because after all this life that has come before, I have learned that it is in the monotonous and mundane life where grace is found. The quiet, daily living is where I come to serve and where I lose myself and become more like my Savior.

Jesus came to serve and save those were lost. And every day He did miracles of some kind and another. He taught the people and loved them and served them daily. In our minds, perhaps seeing miracles occur would probably not seem at all mundane. Seeing miracles daily would be majestic and magnificent.

Yet to Jesus, I wonder if perhaps the daily miracles he performed were not extraordinary. Perhaps the daily miracles were just that, daily. Everyday miracle in the mundane and monotonous.
To give a blind man sight, to see a lame man walk, to bring a child to life…ordinary living?

Jesus was there for the creation of the world when the father spoke light into the darkness. He was there at the creation of the puppy dog and the platypus that lays eggs and the dinosaur and the lion and the lamb.
Jesus, who placed the stars in the heavens and was there as life was breathed into man and later he walked in the garden of creation.

Healing the sick…casting out demons…feeding 5000…ordinary, everyday living.

Yet, His desire for everyday living, his heart to serve the people was not out of obligation, it was out of compassion. Heart wrenching compassion.

Compassion that moved him to action.

I’m not like Jesus.
If I saw a blind man see I would be amazed. I’d want to see more.
But Jesus wasn’t a magician. He didn’t come to wow crowds. He came to serve and give his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).
And he did…daily living.

I serve people daily. I make 522 PB&J sandwiches a year. I wash 4,500 dishes a year. I wash loads of laundry in this unending cycle of daily living.
I’m not filled with compassion that moves me to action.
It’s pure and simple obligation.

What if I asked the Lord to open my eyes in those moments of daily living and I ask him to move me to see those I love and serve daily and to see the beauty and miraculous in my own everyday?
What if I could see my serving of daily living become extraordinary, not because the work is more exciting or because the miacles are evident, but because I realize the extraordinary miracles are found in the small moments that capture love.

If God is love and He is in all things; then all the things, every realm of my daily life, is where I can find Him.
He is in the hands that serve the PB&J’s.
He is in the goofy smiles and peanut buttery kisses.
He is in the dishes washed clean with blue soap that lift airy, tiny bubbles out of the sink and in one second bring laughter and giggles and wonder.
He is in the laundry piles and memories of clothes worn. Dirty jeans worn from climbing tress and swinging and sliding and running. In tiny panties that cover the most precious, tiny human bottoms, and the girly pink dresses that twirl full of beautiful, girlish dreams. Dreams that are placed in the hearts by God their father.

Perhaps in daily living there are daily miracles and signs and wonders of God and hope and love.
Perhaps those miracles will move me to compassion and to serve,  so I can seek after more miracles today.

You are His Beloved,

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