Here’s where I am: I’m thirsty. I’m hungry. I am so passionate about my God right now.

I’m desperate. I need Him. I want to be consumed. I want to be filled and poured out and filled again and it’s intense.

I have never experienced such an intense desire for God like this.
It’s unquenchable and oh my God, I want to be parched.
I want to be thirsty. I want to run this race gasping for more of Him, reaching for Him and desperate.
I want to press in and keep going.

Where are you? Are you passionate about God? Do you want to be?

How did I get to this place? My whole life I have loved Jesus, but for the first time in my life I don’t want or need anything else.

All I want to be is consumed ny Him. I want Him to radiate in and through me. And the way I got to this point…well, I got desperate.

I fell on my face. I lost all control. I came to the desert, through a dry and weary land and I couldn’t go on any further on my own.

I needed Jesus. I needed to surrender and give up and give in and let go.

And I did.

And now. I want more. More love, more grace, more power, more Jesus.

I’m desperate.
But not like before and even better than ever before.

The bible says that “like a deer pants for water, so my soul longs after you.” I’m panting, thirsty and desperate.

I don’t want to lose that. I want to be dependent on Jesus everyday. I don’t want to let this intense desire go.

I want Him to be the air I breathe.

You know how they say we all have a God shaped hole that can only be filled by Jesus.
Well, I don’t want Him to fill it. I want that hole to lack some so that I can depend on him to fill it daily. I want him to fill me and desire Him more and more.

Friends, I want you to have this desire. I want you to be desperate for Him. I want you to be passion filled and purposed and I want you to want more of Jesus.

I want you to get our your knees and beg for more, pleading and on your face with hands lifted high.

Surrender all you are and call out to him and give it all up and be consumed by His love, his presence, his power and his might.

Be Consumed.

I desire that for you so much.

Right now, lay it all down wherever you are.
There’s no right way, there is no formula, just lay it down and give it all to Him.
He will fill you and make you hungry and desperate and passionate and filled up and empty only to be filled up again.

When you allow Him to make you desperate and vulnerable and thirsty He will fill you with passion and purpose like you have never experienced.

Life won’t get easier or better, but it will be filled and glorified because the God of all creation is filling you with all you need.

Don’t give up. Keep pressing into Him. Run your race. Run hard. Be desperate, gasp for the air you breathe, pant, thirst.

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You are His Beloved,

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