My maternal grandparents taking on a church in Costa Rica

I am blessed to be a third generation believer raising another generation of believers.

My husband is also a third generation believer. Together our greatest desire is to raise another generation that is greater and stronger.

My mother was raised by parents who were missionaries and church planters throughout central america and south Texas. The picture above is of my grandparents pastoring a church in Costa Rica. Their love for Jesus, devotion and legacy continues in the lives of my mother, aunts, uncles, cousins and our children.

My father’s father and mother came to know and serve Jesus a little later in life and my father and his sister began a real relationship with Jesus in their early twenties with faith to move mountains and a desire for more of Him. They committed their lives fully to Him from that day forward.

My husbands family, refugees from Cuba during Castro’s regime became believers later in life as well. It was the witness of one person, and the conversion of one family member that changed the course of the entire family…aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers….generations changed because one person said yes to Jesus.

Generations saved.

As a believer in Jesus Christ my greatest desire is to not only live this life of faith well, but to be genuine in my walk.
Real, not fake.
To be genuine in love, in word and in my work.

Jesus was genuine. His words and actions were full of love and compassion. Matthew speaks of Jesus great compassion over and over again. Jesus looked at people; He saw their souls, the deep heart within people and he cared for them.

If anything else, in this life, I want to be genuine like Jesus.
I want to see people.

While visiting New York I prayed for spiritual eyes to see others. This city of a million people going through life quickly, dashing from street to street. People everywhere.
So many lives represented, so may dreams, visions, paths, hurts, regrets, fears and desires.
It’s a fast paced city.
A city full of life and activity.
And as I walked the streets and watched people pass I saw them.

And I had compassion.
Because so many are lost.
So many will die without knowing the truth and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To be a generational believer, a believer whose legacy will continue in the generations that follow, I must have a genuine faith that sees not the outside of a person, but sees the soul of those around them. Having a pure faith will result in little unless I use that faith to reach out to those that are lost and hurting. Only then can I walk this walk with a pure conscience, knowing that my walk, my faith and my heart is genuine and free from hypocrisy.

People are hurting and dying and preaching won’t save them. Condemnation won’t save them. Only genuine love and actions and compassion will point them to the cross and to the Lord of all.

That will sustain a generation of believers.

Paul’s son in the faith, Timothy was one of the first “second” generation Christians. Raised by his mother, Lois and grandmother, Eunice, they led him and taught him the scriptures and opened and softened his heart to the gospel, allowing him to later join Paul and Silas on their missionary journeys.

Paul had great confidence in his son and sent him to Ephesus to oversee the church there.

These letters to Timothy were the last written by Paul to encourage and strengthen Timothy. In these letters you hear Paul’s heart and desire in the last years of his life to proclaim the gospel message to all generations with deep hope and conviction.

While reading and studying these letters, I have been encouraged in my own faith walk and also in my walk as a wife and mother.

Timothy was a young leader, leading young believers and I find myself being encouraged because I, like him, am also a young leader in my home, encouraging and equipping young believers, my children, along in their own walks.

These next few weeks I will be writing about what we must do and more importantly what we must leave to the generations following us so that they too will become Generational Believers: Believers who walk this walk, equipping the next generation to follow them on this path of righteousness.

In order to do our part and lead the next generation to Jesus, we must leave with them the example of a life that was completely devoted to Jesus.

We must leave with them a life that was devoted to prayer.
We must leave with them a life that was faithful and pure.
We must leave with them a life that fought the good fight of faith.

I hope you will join me every Monday as we dive into the scriptures and find what we must do to become fully devoted believers that will leave behind a generation of believers in Christ Jesus.

You are His Beloved,

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