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I wake up sleepy and tired….I’m always tired. My children have been up before me, one at least an hour before me and the other is still half asleep while the toddler energetically trots down with her blanket in hand .

I kiss their sweet heads good morning as they lick their popsicles at 8:30. My form of bribery so I can sleep 30 more minutes in quiet.
I dress the toddler, pulling up her adorable tiny panties over her perfect, plump little bottom.
There is nothing cuter than tiny bums in tiny panties.

I make breakfast…or otherwise pour an assortment of cereal and milk.
I clean the kitchen, dreading the full sink that I avoided at dinner the night before. The kids bring their dishes. They get cleaned up or stay in pjs depending on our day. I make my bed, clean myself up…oh crud, I forgot to push start on the dishwasher.

I put on a little makeup and perfume hoping I feel less tired.
We read from our children’s bible…its gonna be a blessed day…then it starts.
We start lessons, the boy argues about his math work. Its hard. We push through.
Let’s do something fun. We continue with science and history.
Sometimes you just can’t get that excited over the solar system.

It’s lunchtime
I try to make something healthy.
Organic, preservative free mandarin chicken and green beans on the side.
More dishes.
What do I make for dinner.
What’s easy?
Chicken…with rice…and some kind of sauce…that’s easy and fancy because I use wine.
I read aloud…our favorite part of school, though sometimes the book isn’t that fun. The kids quietly play as I engage them with questions and comments.

Afternoon…the toddler naps. I’m jealous.
They ‘bigs’ finish lessons or practice piano or play quietly.
I load the laundry, fold, put away…I try to do it daily. I’ve missed a week and will be paying penance for days on end.
The socks never match…someone is out to get me I’m sure…I’m really not that crazy.
The door bell rings. it wakes the baby. I’m annoyed and want to yell, the tape on the bell means DO NOT RING!!!”
I pretend like no one is home, because in this day you can’t be too careful and I really don’t deal with our pest control issues and I really don’t care about softening our water.
The baby is officially awake. I plop her in front of the TV despite the pediatric studies that say it will ruin her. Elmo to the rescue of a tired grumpy babe and mom.
Oh yeah, the clothes…its finally time to make dinner so I’ll add another day to the penance of laundry so my family can eat…
Dinner…add a salad. Yeah, we are healthy like that.

It’s only 4:30…are you kidding me???
Text husband…what time are you coming home? He’s smart and never gives specifics, “soon.”

Dishes put away, table is set.
Candle is lit to make it feel homey and clean.
I put on lip gloss which hopefully hides the tired.

The kids fight, I yell, they apologize. I apologize.
The kids fight, I yell, they apologize, I apologize.
The toddler just found the Easter basket in the closet from last year to there is Easter grass thrown every where around the house.

Mommy can I have…
Mommy will you get me…
Mommy do you know where…

I, for the first time enter my room. I had to pee 5 hours ago…I’ve taken the toddler potty 7 times and I always forgot to go….

It all happens again tomorrow.

It all can be so overwhelming, tiresome and mundane.

But there is beauty in the mundane.

Through the mundane of this crazy life, I am living a life of faithfulness. The everyday that God has called me to in the season of up bringing, teaching, training and the every day work to give, provide and love my family and children is my way of living faithfully to the God who has called me to this life.

If we are called to live a life of purity and faithfulness, we must therefore live out our callings free from sin and guilt and be devoted to our God and families; trusting that He will give us all we need to complete the task set before us…yes even laundry!

Whether you work our of the home or in an office, whether you school your children or send them off to school, whether you have a maid or a laundry service, get take out often or are a gourmet chef, we are all called to live lives of purity and faithfulness. No matter how we choose to fulfill those callings, we are doing the work and relying on God as out ultimate source. We are being faithful to Him.

He sees the every day, the hard, the struggle, the quiet. The lonely and the mundane and the crazy,
He sees all that we do and give to our family and children and in His eyes all of our sacrifices are beautiful.
You, beloved are faithful to His calling with every pb&J and every spill you clean up and every book you read and owie you kiss.

You are faithful.
You are beautiful.
You are blessed.

In all of these things we are living by example. Paul says in 1 Timothy 4: 12 to, “Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith and your purity.” In all the things we daily do, the small, the unseen, the unappreciated, the loving, the serving…in all these things we are setting an example to our children and they will remember the example when they begin to walk their own lives of faithfulness.

It is because of you faithfulness that generations who come after you will be blessed forever and ever.

“Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.” 1st Timothy 4:16

You are His Beloved,

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