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In 1st Timothy, Paul urges Timothy that “petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people…that we may live peaceful and quiet lives  in all godliness and holiness” (2:1-2 NIV).

Setting a time of prayer aside during my day can be rather difficult. I struggle with waking up each morning earlier than my little people, one of whom asks daily as she peeks over the bed “Mama, is the sun awake?” And many times I start the day rushed, overwhelmed and behind. The breakfast, early cleaning routines and school mornings, despite their monotony, catch me by surprise every day and before I know it, the day is half done and my prayer time has lapsed.

I find myself breathing out breath prayers throughout the day; many in desperation, others come as quick thoughts upon my heart and others in genuine intercession.

From the “God help!” to the, “Lord I am about to lose it with this child, please pour your grace and patience…lots of patience!” Or it may be “father bless my friend wherever she is and in whatever she is doing since you brought her name into my heart.” Or even, “Father pour out favor on my husband in this moment, wherever he is and with whom ever he deals with or talks to today.”

Breath prayers.

They have been my prayer source and life line in this season of babies and schooling.

And that is ok!

In fact, I love the breath prayers. Because, though those times of spending deep, prayer time with Jesus for minutes at a time are far and few in between, the breath prayers of my day are the prayers that up lift and sustain me. These prayer hold me from falling on my face and keep me in tune with Jesus.

Paul teaches us that we must pray 4 types of prayers:

  • Petitions – asking for the desires of our heart and blessings for others. Praying that His will and His desires align with ours when we are fully devoted to the callings upon our lives.

  • Prayers – which include those breath prayers – daily, hourly seeking Him, His grace, His wisdom, love and endurance.

  • Intercession- from the depths of our soul; praying for Gods hand to move on the behalf of our loved ones, lost souls, our country’s rulers, leaders and the world.

  • Prayers of Thanksgiving – because He is God and He is good and our days should be cloaked with the prayers of thanksgiving for the breath and the blessings that we have.

Paul encourages us by saying that these prayers help us to live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.


Because the desire of my heart is to live a life of Godliness and holiness. To be seen as a person who embodies peace in all circumstances.

Those days where, by grace, I am given time to spend quietly with Jesus and pour out my heart to Him are precious to me and I seek time alone with Him as often as I can. My reality is that those times are not as often as I like. But, when I seek Him, He is there waiting for me without reproach and I know that He has His arms outstretched to me and He delights over me and the time we have together.


So mama’s out there, exhausted from crying, hungry babies waking up three times a night or those weary at the end of the day from the busyness and goings of our daily lives or those of you waking up before dawn to get all your loves fed and out the door, know this…HE is waiting for you patiently, but more importantly, He is where you are and He hears the prayers that pass your lips as you search for that lost shoe or gather your littles around for devotions or crawl back into bed with your babe in your arms after a final feeding. He is where you are and I urge you to get in the habit of being in constant communication with your God.

Let your hearts prayers and petitions overflow into the sweet breath that passes your lips every moment of everyday. He hears those words and He will sustain you.

One day I will have the time as my grandmother did, to be on my knees in deep prayer and intercession daily. I can hear her now, murmuring at the foot of her bed the sweet names of all her beloved children and grandchildren as she daily went to battle on behalf of their lives; petitioning for their souls, interceding on their behalf and giving thanks to God for the blessings of us all and then going about her day with each name on the tip of her breath as she said sweet prayers for each of us whenever our names entered her heart.

For now, in this season of craziness, I will take on the beauty of those breath prayers and devote myself to the minute by minute life of mother and wife; keeping my eyes on the grace of my Jesus and delighting in the fact that he sustains me and allows me to persevere in this season. My prayer is that those prayers will be heard and seen by my children and they will know their mama is not perfect, but is always needing and relying on her Savior. I pray that my children and the generation that follows will have this example that I have set before them, and they will remember the prayers that sustained me and follow in that same path.

You are His Beloved,

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