About a year ago I sat in a friend’s living room and at the top of an index card I wrote “desires of my heart.” We were talking about delighting in the Lord and truly being in fellowship with Him. I don’t remember too much of the lesson, but we were suppose to write our calling and purpose and I had no idea what those were.

At 15, I remember being at a youth convention and the speaker was talking about finding your calling and passions in life. I remember praying and asking the Lord to tell me what I was supposed to do with my life.

That day, I heard Him speak to my spirit and I remember hearing very clearly, “write.”

At 15, I didn’t know what writing would look like or what I would write, but it had always been a dream and passion.

15 years later I sat in my dear friends’ home and on the card I write under callings: “To write…something? What?”

At 30 I still had no clue what. At 30 I had walked away from that desire, because I was too busy and overwhelmed with life.

But I found my voice. I found my passion again. Yet, before I did so, I had to learn to delight in my God. I had to sit and abide in His presence.

In that time, depending and fully surrendering, He activated and reignited that passion.

When you give yourself completely to God, He ignites a passion not for your gifts, but for Him and in that passion, the overflow of you heart will be poured out in the gifts He has given, purposed and called you to.

Above all, He wants not only your heart, but your fellowship. Love without relationship will not fuel your passions.

Desire God, delight in His truth and He will give you desires that surpass your imagination.

You are His Beloved,

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