A good book.
The Son.
Beauty surrounds.
The breeze of life.
Living water.

I could sit here forever.

I’ve sat for long enough.
I’ve sat in a fit of rage.
Rage against the hard.
Rage against the storm.

I’ve sat in a pit.
A pit of despair.
A pit of sadness and depression.
A pit of loneliness.

I’ve sat numb and lifeless.
Simply watching life pass before my eyes.
As time keeps marching forward without any control to stop it.
Not even caring.

I’ve sat in awe and wonder.
Wondering how God could bring me from the pit and from the numb and give me grace.
Grace and life.
Grace and life and love.

And now, I sit in his majestic splendor of living and loving and grace and good.

I could sit here forever.

Yet, he calls out to me.
I can’t sit anymore.
I must move.
I must walk.
I must go.

He calls me out to my place and so I walk and move and go and in that walk I find my being.

I find my God.
I find my place.
I find his calling.

He invites me to walk with Him and I follow.
He leads me and I go.
I wish I could sit and stay forever.
But, it’s time to move.
It’s time to go.

I can’t sit in comfort anymore.
And I know that my comfort is where my comforter is and so
I go.

Where I go, I am in His presence.
Where I go, He is good.
Where I go, I am set apart.
Where I go, he goes before me.

Like Enoch I walk with him.

I could walk with Him forever.

You are His Beloved,

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