I have been ignoring my blog not due to any major event or lack of desire, but due to the fact that those nasty allergy monsters have attacked me. You know the ones you see on the commercials that are absolutely disgusting? Well, they have taken residence in my throat and nose and apparently tehy brought a lot of luggage!

So, here I am infested with yuckiness. Icky, gross, yuciness.

I wonder if I hit my face against a wall would that make the pressure go away? Maybe…

So…the worst part of this whole thing is that I can’t take my beloved Nyquil. I love that stuff.

That sweet medicinal nectar that brings my whole body into a state of numbness with it’s 10% alcohol content. And since I’m not much of a drinking kinda’ girl, just a swig, a tiny shot works wonders as I drift into dreamland and the sandman takes me away.

Well, so much for that. Instead I am resigned to Robitussin. Non effective. No alcohol, no dreamland, no sandman, nothing. I sleep with a cough drop in my mouth and vics vapor rub on my nose. And when I say on my nose, not only do I smear it under my nostrils but throughout the night I take it off my nightstand and lie with the little tub against my nose.

It’s great sleep, let me tell you.

So that is where I have been.

I hope those nasty monters find another vacation spot soon.

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