I am in need of a break.

Time off.

Desperate need.

Great desire.


These last few weeks I have been just…blah. I mentioned how I was climbing a mountain here, and then in all it’s craziness I had one good and beautiful day here.

Well, that day came and went. I still have little energy and not to be a cry baby, because I know others have it worse, but the nausea is unrelenting. I know I mentioned it before here, but seriously…

I am just not functioning the same. My house is a mess. I am so behind on laundry, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! It’s bad. Real bad. I’m sure in the next few days (like tomorrow) my husband is going to wake me up with, “babe, do I have any clean underwear?” And my response…”Do you see the mounds of laundry everywhere…probably not since you haven’t attempted to clean it either!”

So…all in all I have decided that I need some serious chillaxing. I need time away because my patience with the boys is thin.


I need just a few days to rejuvenate and reprioritize and just not be needed! No chores, lots of sleep, no crying from anyone, especially me!

This is my new project.


I will google. I will search. I will find something close, but cheap, but exactly what I need.

So…the search begins.

For more stuff to be tackled, go here at 5 minutes for mom.

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