When I was younger, I was a typical girl…a girly girl, a romantic at heart. As a young girl I day dreamed a lot. I dreamed of all this life would offer.
The beauty it would all bring.

I dreamed of a home filled with fun and laughter and love. Children dressed up, perfect and inncoent and charming. A handome price who kissess me when he comes home from a hard day of provding for his well deserving family. And at the end of each day, we would all sit at the dinner table and enjoy our happiness.

It was all so sweet in my head.

Perfect. Beautiful. Naive.

When reality hits, it leaves this crazy mess all around.

My life is beautiful and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Fortunately, I still am a romantic and my home is filled with fun and laughter and love, because let’s be honest…who has time to cry about it!

My child is a perfect two year old. He is smart and funny and bossy. He is almost potty trained except for that fact that he is constantly peeing on my carpet at least twice a week. And he is always perfectly clad in his little man clothes from The Gap and Gymboree. He loves his clothes, even at two and that is why, if he gets one single drop of water on them, they come right off so that they will not get any more “dowty” (dirty). And by the end of the day he is in his favorite outfit of all…his underware (if I’m lucky!) And he revels in his nakedness as long as he can, free from all garments that hinder.

My husband finally comes home to his castle. He soon kisses me after greeting the dog and the naked child. Then glancing at the pile of dishes in the sink and tripping over the toys that flood the living room, he asks, “What did you do all day?”

And finally, we sit at the dinner table with Larry the cucumber singing in the background and well…

This is real life. My Life. My Beautiful, Crazy Life.

You are His Beloved,

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