When you become a mom you are endowed with different powers. Gifts and talents that were not needed before but which you could not live without now.

Not only are we given the spiritual gifts like the gift of interpretation where only we know what this means… “Mama i wan knee stabies peas wi awjus.”

Translation: “Mama I want to eat strawberries please with orange juice.”

And I am definitely praying for the gift of knowledge and discernment to kick into high gear once these kiddos are entering the teen years.

On a side note, my mother was amazingly gifted in discernment, no kidding! She would walk into the house, take one look at me and say, “Where were you and what have you been doing?” it gives me chills just thinking about it. I HATED it then…but boy do I want what she’s got!

And then of course you have the “eyes in the back of your head” power and “one hand.”

One hand power kicks in as soon as you bring a newborn home. It comes in the IV, I believe.

I can cook with one hand.
I can eat with one hand.
I can feed myself, my toddler and my infant with one hand! Ha, beat that!
I can check facebook, hotmail and crazy blog with one hand.
I can flip a pancake with one hand.
I can crack an egg with one hand.
I can fold underware with one hand.
I can put makeup on with one hand AND look good!
Vacuum, sweet, dust.
I’m writing this post as we speak…you guessed it, with ONE hand!

The list goes on.

Now if only I could make time to take a shower or workout. I do have the power to hold my bladder for hours at a time, but if anyone has the power to pee without having an audience around, THAT is the one I desire most! For more tackles, click here.

“Lord thank you that you are all powerful! That you have truly given me the abilities and the wisdom that I need to raise my kids, have a loving home and be a good wife and mother. All I ask is that you continue to bless me each day with what I need for that day and that I will learn from my mistakes and grow more in you daily. In your precious name, Amen.”

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