“Mama sit down?
I’m running.
Constantly going.
To ballet, to piano, to football, to small group, to science classes, to park days.
Going to the grocery store, to moms night out, to doctor appointments, to church.
“But mama, sit.”
I’m working.
Slaying the laundry dragon daily. Cleaning one mess and then another.
Making another meal, washing another dish, walking up and down the stairs with a basket of toys, clean clothes to be put away, dirty clothes to be washed again, misplaced shoes that lost its pair.
“Mama, sit.”
I’m planning.
Monthly meals, blog posts, vacations, summer, budgets, pinterest projects, garden plans, curriculum, lessons.
The planning never ends.
“Mama, sit down.”
I’m listing.
Oh the lists. 
To do. To be. To have. To make. To go. To buy. To save.
“But mama, please sit.”
I’m socializing.
A phone in hand, an ipad on my lap and a computer on the table.
I pin. I crush. I mail. I comment. I like. I share. I tweet. I search.
“But mama…”
I look down at the 2 year old.
The toddler.
The almost big girl.
The baby who just yesterday fit perfectly into my arms
and today speaks almost clearly and directly.
“Mama sit!”
“Sit down Mama. Please.”
And so I obey.
I sit.
Mama, sit down.
Stop running mama.
All the extras can wait.
But Mama, just sit.
Stop working mama.
The laundry will never end and the mess will return again.
They won’t go hungry and the stairs will still stand. 
Mama sit.
Stop planning mama.
The future can wait.
The present is now. She’s asking for you. 
Mama sit down.
Stop making the lists.
The only thing to do is hold the one who is calling you.
Mama please sit.
Stop socializing mama.
Shut off the screens and sit with the ones worth sharing this moment with.
Sit down mama.
Sit down mama.
Be still.
Tomorrow will be here too soon.
You are His Beloved,

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