I woke up tired. I went to bed the night before at 9:15. I haven’t done that since the 7th grade.

Yet I still woke up tired. 

The weather is cold and gray today.

The cloud that is following me is cold and gray.


On days like today It is hard to get out of bed.

My flesh is fighting against all I need to do.

My flesh is fighting against all I need to be.

My flesh is fighting against the work I am called to do.

Basically, I really don’t feel like mediating the squabbles of ‘this is mine’ and  ‘stop following me’ and ‘I don’t want to eat that.’ I don’t feel like teaching school and listening to the drone of a newbie reader. I don’t feel like washing dishes and picking up after people for the 15th time.

You remember those good ol’ college days? You know the ones when it was a cold rainy day and you would weigh the options…Do you stay in bed and skip that morning class or do you get up an be good and go to class? And as you lie in bed you mentally look over your syllabus and count how many days you’ve skipped.

I can’t skip mornings anymore.

Life is always in session.

I don’t necessarily miss those days, but I do miss those choices sometimes.

How do I get my head out of the gray clouds?

How do I become a purposeful, fun and loving mommy on days I want to stay in bed?

1. Light a Candle

The flicker of the light of a candle is so serene. Its basic job is to illuminate and give a sweet smell to a dark place. It brings warmth and calm. I breathe in the pumpkin aroma and breathe out the dull and lifelessness I feel.

2. Hug your kids and smell their heads.

I grab the baby and cuddle her. I squeeze her and relax into her tiny embrace. I kiss her sweet soft cheeks and smell the top of her head. It’s a mix of baby shampoo and her sweet scent that is all her own. In her scent I remember how much I treasure and love my babies, because scent is the closest thing to memory and in that moment, I remember why I work for them and why I love them and why I am called to them.

3. Serve yourself something warm in a pretty cup.

Hold the cup tightly and breathe in and out, and remember to breathe in more of Him and less of me.

God is so good. He gave us lovely and beautiful elements that minister to our soul and give us so much grace on days where our flesh is failing.

Our senses tune us in to His grace and reflect the serenity and love of God.

We all have these frail moments. Moments where it’s hard to be human, hard to be mom, hard to get out of bed.

But we must remember that the glory of God is all around us and it holds us in those moments and some of the simplest things we can do to get out of our own frailties is to take a few seconds to find beauty within those frailties.

God’s glory is in the flicker of the candle and the aroma of you children neck and the warmth of your sweet coffee.

He is in every moment of every day.

Find Him, seek Him and rest in His embrace, the beauty that is all around you and the serenity of who He is.

You are His Beloved,

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