I had one of those days. It was horrible. It was stressful. It was long.

Friends say it’s a phase. I’m ready for it to end. I’ve had enough thank you very much!

It started this morning and did not subside.

My son is two. They say that year is suppose to be “terrible.” Well, we’ve been in it for one month and if it lasts an entire year, I don’t think I’m gonna make it. (Some keep telling me three is worse…I’m praying my kid is just advanced.)

Doors are slamming, screams are resounding, there is kicking and hitting, falling on the floor in anger and frustration, beating the Berber carpet with a fist, calling out for anyone to take it away…and the little monster is worse.

I have found that putting him in his room and shutting the door during his tirades works a little. At least it mutes him some, if anything else. He is doing this new thing, where he throws himself back onto the floor ( how he doesn’t get a concussion is beyond me) and almost convulses in rage. His whole body shakes and it looks like his whole body is coming off the ground. All the while he is screaming. I’m talking blood curling, clench your face till it hurts screams. You think someone was beating him.

In then end, we both are crying, we both calm down and try to get back to normal. Ten minutes later, it happens again.

So…that was my day.

So my “Works for you Wednesday” is a bit turned around.

There are so many amazing moms out there and I know you have been in my shoes. I know you read this and are smiling and nodding your head thanking God that you are past that “phase.” You may be thinking, yeah, that phase is hard, but wait till he gets to be 8 or 14 or 22!My question to you is, Do you want to trade for a day?!?

So I want to know…What works for you? I need serious help! I feel totally lost!

I will tell you one thing that did work for me despite the craziness today (by the way, I found no beauty whatsoever in today. My kid screamed, it was hot and humid, threatening rain that never came and my husband had to work late!), when my husband did finally get home, after hearing me sob on the other line, he comes in with take out, a sushi lunch for tomorrow and a pint of cookies and cream ice cream.

Though the rest is great, the cookies and cream ice cream work best. I think I’m going to enjoy that very soon!

For more tips on what works, go to Works for Me Wednesdays at http://www.rocksinmydryer.typepad.com/

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