I was walking along the path trying to find food. More importantly, coffee.

I was lost.
I had turned in circles and found myself exactly where I started.
I found signs that pointed me to the right direction.
I finally had an idea that I was walking in the right way.
I was crossing a bridge. I didn’t know where the bridge led, for I couldn’t see past the bend in it.

I crossed and older woman who was coming from the opposite direction smiled at me and said, “The Sun is good.”

Oh yes He is.

The sun.
The Son.
The Son is good.

I feel I am at a transition.

For years I walked lost.
Unsure of where I was going.
Unsure of what I was meant for.
I turned in circles ending up further back or simply where I had started.
The circles seemed endless.
The circles of wandering and wondering.
There must be more to this life.
There must be another way.
But I was too scared or preoccupied or uneasy about going towards another path.
All the paths looked the same and I couldn’t tell what led where.
How could I know for sure which would take me to my place?
How could I know which way was right and good?
How could I know where I’d be free from the circles of complacency, the circles of fear, the circles of shame.
The circles seemed never ending.

Then I found a bridge.

A bridge that led to redemption.
To Freedom.
To purpose.
To life.
To legacy.

And again across winding paths that have led to good and to the Son, I’ve come to another bridge.
As I walk across, I don’t know what is at the end, I can’t see past the trees.

But the Son…the Son who lights my path, the Son who calls to me, places me; the Son walks with me and I know I am never walking alone.

The Son is good.
The Son is warm and He embraces me and lifts me up and covers me with His love.

The Son is good.

You are His Beloved,

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