I am taking this month to pause which is going to be a trial in and of itself considering that I just finished going over our calendar for November and it is so ridiculously full!

It has always somewhat astounded me how quickly we tend to pass over Thanksgiving in our fall calendar and move straight into Christmas! I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to jump head first into Christmas, but as we were driving the day after Halloween, my children pointed out all the Christmas décor that had suddenly appeared all around our town. “It’s not even Thanksgiving mom!” We have become so accustomed to skipping over Thanksgiving and to see the absurdity of bypassing such an important time in history and in our own lives and from the perspective of my young children, it really brought me to a place of recognition. I have always loved Thanksgiving, but I am certainly guilty of quickly pushing it aside to embrace Christmas.

For some reason, perhaps more than in years pass, I feel a great desire and need to pause, to really sit and revel in the grace and joy of the Lord and give thanks for all the blessings He has given us. Looking at my calendar Thanksgiving is just a day, but in reality, Thanksgiving should be a state of being. It should be a place where my heart rests and where I can see clearly and recognize the grace of God in my life daily.

As I have stated before, there has been so much noise lately and so I am challenged to take time in the craziness of my days and Pause with Thanksgiving.

My desire is to be intentional with my time, with my thoughts and with my gratitude and the abundance of blessings God has given our family.

To pause is to temporarily stop or to reconsider. What would our lives be if we were to simply pause with thanksgiving? To reconsider our places and moments? To pause and intentionally reconsider our actions, words, thoughts, dreams, desires, goals, pursuits…

Imagine if we paused with thanksgiving and looked around us, right where we were and gave thanks.

While teaching I could pause and be thankful for my students, for the freedom to homeschool, for the wisdom God gives us daily.

While driving from one activity to another, I could pause and be thankful for having a car, for Gods protection that covers us as we travel from place to place, for living in a town that has so many options of fun and exploration for our children.

While at Church I could pause with thanksgiving and be grateful for the freedom to worship, for the like minded people and the faith that surrounds us, for our church’s desire to save the lost.

Thus, we begin a challenge to Pause with Thanksgiving.

The challenge will begin November 7th and run through December 1st. Let’s gather together at our tables this Thanksgiving with hearts that have paused and are full of gratitude and praise. Let us not enter into the advent season expecting of the Messiah without first recognizing the grace that He has bestowed upon our lives. It is through Thanksgiving that we can enter into his courts!

In the next few weeks I am going to intentionally wait and linger and pause and I am going to use some cues in my life that will remind me to wait and linger and pause and I invite you to join me.

Week 1 –November 7th- 11/13: Begin your days with music and praise. I know many of you may already do this, but Instead of it being in the background, I am going to linger and listen to the words sung and use the words not just as music, but as prayers.


Week 2 – 11/14-11/20: Along with the music, let’s light a candle and watch it flicker and burn even for just a moment and give Thanks for the moments of our everyday lives.


Week 3 – 11/21-11/27: Create Intentional conversations around the table this week. Let’s be purposeful as we gather in our homes, be it at breakfast, lunch or Thanksgiving Dinner.  


Week 4 – 11/28- 12/1: Kneel in prayer this week. As we finish the month and begin to enter in to the Advent Season, let us pause with thanksgiving and prayer, humbling ourselves and kneeling before our King.

Each Monday I will post and remind you of some scripture and thoughts on our intentions and cues for the week. I encourage you to join me and Pause with Thanksgiving!

You are His Beloved,

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