I have been reading Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God when sparkly, safe faith is no longer enough, by Kristen Welch , writer of We are THAT Family.
And ya’ll…it is SO good.

This book is real. It’s about real life struggles, real life suffering, real life fears, real life doubts and real life faith.

In Rhinestone Jesus, Kristen shares her story of being THAT girl who wore a Jesus Pin to school everyday. She shares her growing pains, the ones that made her marriage stronger, made her parenting intentional and ultimately, made her faith in God brighter and deeper than when she wore that sparkly pin years before.

Kristen goes on to tell of her work as the Founder of Mercy House Kenya, a home that provides alternative options for pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya. The stories, the lives, the children and the heart of Mercy House…it’s beautiful. I encourage you to visit the Website to learn more about the vision and the good work they are doing there.

Rhinestone Jesus, will change your life. It will fill you with passion. It will inspire and encourage you.

It will mess you up, but for good. 

God can use your mess, your imperfections, you broken and He can take you far beyond what you ever imagined. He desires so much for you to say YES to whatever He is calling you to, despite the fears, the challenges, the worries and the what if’s.

“‘Will this ever get easier…Will my heart always be only half willing to follow God?’ Because, ya’ll.
I’m still just that girl wearing that rhinestone Jesus pin. I still struggle with the same fear and doubt, the same inadequacy and uncertainty, the same desire to stay instead of go…If I have learned anything in this journey, it’s this: the good makes the hard worth it. But getting to the good part requires making it though the valley of the hard” (p. 147-148). 

If you, like Kristen, will say Yes to God, He will show up and make your Yes enough.
If you will say Yes to what God is calling you to, your light will shine more than any rhinestone pin!
Your YES is worth it.

THAT is what Rhinestone Jesus is all about.

How will you say Yes?

I am giving away 2 Copies of Rhinestone Jesus to 2 lucky winners!

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I promise you will be so encouraged and inspired by this beautiful book!

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You can pre-order the book here before May 1st. 

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