I went walking the other day on on a different trail than normal and I passed by a house with a lovely back yard. They had a pool and what I think is a greenhouse and then in a small corner of the yard was a small garden.

It was so quaint, with nice rows and little signs indicating the plants and little sprouts were coming up…


I have been wanting a little garden of my own for a while now. But I didn’t think I had the room for it. Our backyard has lots going on. We have the trampoline in one corner, the playset in the other corner and a few trees and against the fence we have it all nicely landscaped so I only have a few places to put a little garden.

And after seeing how small but perfect this little garden was, I figured I can surely find a place for it somewhere.

We have started eating more healthily and more organic around here. I am making our bread, I have joined a produce co-op that has been super yum, but despite this all  I would really love a garden.

My problem…I have no idea how to start one, where to begin, what to plant or where? I would love to be able to use pots as well if possible.

I would also love to grow some herbs.

I live in the deep south. It’s almost summer time so maybe it’s too late to start planting, but any suggestions or help would be wonderful even if I don’t get started until next year.

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