As I type this I’m thinking to myself…why am I not sleeping?

Hmmm…Oh yeah, because I have a whole list of things to do that are never ending!

My precious baby girl is wonderful. She is very sweet and rarely ever cries except when she is unswaddled, undressed, changed and cold. As soon as I wrap her up, she’s good.

Of course, a two week old is very intelligent and can be rather manipulative.

Last night, for example, we discovered that she loves to be held. In fact, she can sleep in your arms for hours. BUT…as soon as I lay her down…here come the protests, the screams and the tears. The frustration is mutual.

So we spent a few hours letting her cry a little, then hold her…cry a little…hold her again until she finally gave up.

The good thing is, she wasn’t quite as adamant as her big brother was at this age…he didn’t give up and would be wet from sweat and tears! So atleast that tells me that I only have one strong willed child!

The great thing is that she sleeps about 20 hours. Atleast one of us does! The problem is that one of those hours is concentrated at around 3:00 am. So I am trying to keep her up as much as possible during the day. One of the hardest things to do. I mean seriously…I am a little boring, but this child nods off at the site of me.

And her father isn’t much help. He holds her and tells her how beautiful she is and she dozes off into dream land!

So I am writing down all she does during the day to see if I can make a schedule for her so that she isn’t awake at 3:00. So far…she has been awake for about 3 hours today so we’ll cross our fingers.

The other issue we are having is that during the day, she sleeps with no problem…but at night…she gets all congested and restless and noisy! I mean…she is asleep but not fully asleep. I don’t know. All I know is that she moves and squeaks non stop. At first I was thinking…it’s gas. I burp her but it continues. Then I think…it’s still gas…so in goes a drop of mylicon. Nothing. She’s not hungry so…? Who knows. I put a noise machine on near her basket thinking she needs noise…it kinda works. And then I realized…she is stuffed up. Of course the weather here has been CRAZY…hot then cold, etc. And one little boogie in her nose will clog her up…so I take the blue thing and squeeze as much gook as I can out…she screams…the saline goes in…more screams…and then she is off to sleep. 5 minutes later the squeaking begins.

And whoever said that “rainforest noises” were relaxing was wrong.

So…maybe I can get a quick nap in before the night begins!
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“Father, please give us a good night tonight. Please let my baby girl slepp peacefully and let her rest be sweet. Please let her learn to put herself to sleep. You are so good. In your precious name…”
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