My son came home from football practice the other day and gave me a hug.
He’s 8 and all boy.
I teased him and shoved him away and said, “Eww, you stink!” Almost instinctively, he came over and started rubbing his head and chest on me, laughing as I was shrieking and trying to get away.
Boys! Stinky boys!

He comes up to my chin.
He wears a size 3 in shoes. I don’t know if that’s big…I think it’s average…but yet, his feet are huge!
They use to be so small.

He use to be so small.

I was remembering a time when we were sitting and playing and I went over to sit in the rocking chair and he came over and sat in my lap and held me. We rocked and I sang and he said, “Mommy I love this.”
It was one of the most precious moments in my life.
They are so many moments…so many I hold dear…and so many I have forgotten.
But that moment…it was beautiful.

The thing about boys…is that they don’t stay little.
They sort of evolve into men.
My boy is still “small,” and comes up to my chin, but he considers himself a man.

My husband and I have raised him to be a “man.”
A strong “boy-man.”
My husband takes great purpose in teaching him the ways of a Godly man.
He many times will say to the boy man, “This is what men do,” or “a real man is…” kind, protective, loving, gentle, brave.

The way of “man” has been somewhat instinctive. He looks at things differently then my girls do.
His favorite color is red. He likes to break dance. When he laughs, it’s with full force and great pleasure.
In the homeschool world, we would call him a “Competent Carl,” in other words, a know it all!
He thinks he knows it ALL.
And he is pretty smart.
He understands football!
He is competitive.
He likes to ride his bike, and kill snakes, and go on adventures.
He likes to look out for hawks and burn ants with a magnifying glass.
He loves animals and dinosaurs.

He is sensitive too.
A rule follower.
A loyal friend.
He loves his sisters. He is their protector and he takes that calling in total seriousness.

He is my ‘boy-man.’

Our relationship has evolved as well.
And that has not been easy.

His father is his best friend and who he desires to be exactly like.
I thank God for that.

I, am mom. Sometimes mommy.
Who he likes to tease and play with and sometimes kiss.

But sometimes, he doesn’t want to kiss me.
I get side hugs most of the time…unless I purposely grab and hug him. Which I do. A lot.
He doesn’t come and sit in my lap anymore.
I can’t carry all 60 pounds of him anymore.
When I sing to him, he chooses weird songs for me to sing, like the Power Rangers Theme song.

There are tender moments.
Moments when he sits close and I scratch his head.
Moments when he wants me to “soft scratch” his back.
Moments when we lay in bed and he tells me fears and secrets and dreams.

Those are the moments I live for.
Those are the moments that I treasure.
Those are the moments I have to remember when the boy is driving me crazy!

The thing about boys is that they don’t stay little.
And one day, I’ll come up to his chin.

Every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks I will be posting about Raising “Boy-Men.” I will be giving resources on how to Love them, Train them and Protect them. Don’t miss a Post!

You are His beloved, 

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