Ok…this is the yummiest and easiest meal you will ever make.

We call it Rotel Chicken. We love it, it’s easy and mmmmgood.

1. Get some chicken (breast or whole, whatever you got.)
2. Put the chicken in the crock pot.
3. Get a can of rotel, open it, drain it some (about half) and put it in the crock pot.
4. Close the crock pot.
5. Make some corn.
6. Buy some tortillas (homeade flour tortillas are best but you can use corn or whatever).
7. Buy sour cream (optional) and cheese (optional)
8. Wait 4-6 hours depending on the setting.

Inside your crockpot you will find a very tender, very moist, very yum chicken. Sometimes it can be a bit spicy depending on the rotel, but never too bad. It’s easy and super yum.

If you want, add some guacamole or even just slices of avacado with salt and lime juice.

This works for me when I don’t want to “cook”…which is basically every day!

See what works for others here.

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