I have been taking some time to study and pray over what the Lord has called me to this year. Specifically, what He desires of me and where He wants to take me and stretch me.

I have been praying over what this year will entail. I have been praying over the word that would encompass 2015.

Honestly, I felt the Lord bring the word to me early December, but in my normal fashion, I shied away from it. Whether it be out of fear or uncertainty, there is something about hearing what God desires of me that scares me each and every time. In my simple mind and perhaps even somewhat imaginative mind, I think about the negatives that are associated with that one word. I don’t think about the positive or the beautiful…I immediately go to the crazy.

Lord this word will make me more crazy. It will make my life crazy. It will make me vulnerable and uncomfortable and uneasy. 

Last year, my word was surrender. And at the time, I believed that nothing could be harder or scarier.

As I look back and reflect, I now believe that everything is harder and scarier when you don’t surrender.

Last year at this time I lifted my hands with nothing and this year I still have nothing, but with all my nothing, He has made so much great.

And so I will continue to reflect and study for the next few days and soon I will share with you my word for 2015. It makes me nervous and uncertain, but I know that within that word is a desire for more of God and less of me that can not be quenched. I am the clay and HE is the potter and His hands are molding and breaking me in order to be the vessel He desires to use. 

What’s your word for the year? Have you studied it? Really searched the scriptures to see what that word entails and how it pertains to your year and what He desires of you?

I challenge you to dig deeper. Don’t just pick a word. Seek and Find what He desires for you in 2015.

  • Pray about what God desires for you this year and the word that will encompass 2015

  • Listen for Him to show you and make clear His word for you

  • Search and seek out scriptures that define your word and finally,

  • LIVE IT! Embrace it! Lift all of your nothing to Him and let him fill your hands with an overflow of grace and truth and glory!

You can read more about my year of Surrender here. I am thankful to walk this journey with you all. Come back Thursday to hear about my word for 2015.

You are His Beloved,

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