Here’s where I’m at…many long, deep conversations with like minded friends usually begin with that statement.

I’ve sat in small group, bible studies, Starbucks and across tables listening and sharing where God has me, what He has placed in my heart, my fears, my passions, where I am stuck and what I am trying to get my mind around.
As believers we should be constantly going deeper, seeking righteousness, being made daily more and more like His image. There are definite seasons of life that are difficult, stormy, some are dry and others are joy filled. We should take time to share with each other “where we are at” in our walk and the seasons He has placed us in so that we can encourage and pray for each other.

In Romans, Paul writes, “I long to see you so that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith. “ Roman 1:11-12.
Paul wanted to have a “Where I’m at” conversation with his like minded friends in the faith.

He needed encouragement.

He needed wisdom.

He needed the Holy Spirit to pour into him through the words of grace and love spoken over him by his brothers and sisters in Christ.

These conversations are life lines to me. They are vulnerable and so full of understanding. I am so grateful for good, like minded friends, “where I am at” conversations and encouragement.

4 ways to encourage your friends and have “Where I’m at” conversations?

1. Surround yourself with like minded friends who are faithful and full of encouragement.
2. Speak truth into their lives. Seasons and storms are sometimes difficult to walk through, but God is your father and in our weakness He is strong and our deliverer in times of trouble. When you have friends who are wrestling with their faith, encourage them. Speak life into their struggle. Encourage them to keep wrestling until they find an answer and are blessed.
3. Remind them of the good news. God is good. He has power to set the captive free, to redeem and restore the brokenhearted. He has the power to save.
4. Encourage righteousness so that they may seek God and pursue Him no matter what.

Next time you are at Starbucks or having dinner with friends, mutually encourage each other and have those “Where I’m at” conversations. I promise they are good for the soul. These intentional conversations will keep you vulnerable and bind your friendship together on the strong foundation that is Jesus. Be intentional in your words, open your hearts and encourage one another in the faith and be filled with his truth and grace.

You are His Beloved,

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